New Year NEW YOU, How to acheave your Resolutions this year
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New Year NEW YOU, How to acheave your Resolutions this year

Hi everyone,

We are hoping you had a fantastic holiday and new year. Have you made any New Years Resolutions? We have and they do sound like the same old same old but the way we are doing them is totally different. I wanted to make a little blog post on some ways that you and I can help assist ourselves in keeping our own New Years Resolutions. (Honestly i hate calling them that Resolutions because ultimately they are Goals so from now on i will be calling them Goals.)

#1 Wright them down:

It is vital that you actually take the time to write down your goals. A goal that is not written down is nothing more than a wish and is easy to forget due to the craziness of our lives.

#2 Be detailed in your goals

If your goal is to loose weight don't just write down Loose 20 lbs. Make sure that you take THAT goal and break it down into the little goals that will help you accomplish that goal. You could have a goal that says Exercize in some way for 15min. everyday except Sunday. then if you are able to do more than 15min on certain days it is just a bonus. Then you could have another goal to cut out sodas and sugary drinks. Then you could have another goal that says add 2 extra servings of veggies to your lunch and dinner meals..... All of these little goals are important to help you reach your larger goal of loosing 20 lbs.

#3 Use time frames

Shorter time frames are way less intimidating that saying Loose 20lbs this year. If i was to use my smaller goals like specified in #2 it is a lot easier to say work out 15 min. everyday this week except Sunday. A weekly goal is WAY less overwhelming than saying to yourself "work out every day except Sunday EVERY WEEK THIS YEAR. Which goal sounds do able to you? Work out every day this week or work out every day this year? ANYONE can do a week when the goal is only a week long. Then the next week you make a goal for that week. Then the next week you repeat. That way if you screw up one week it isn't the end of the world and you just begin again the next week with a fresh start. It won't be defeating or overwhelming if you just take it a week at a time.

#4 Make your written goals visible

If you can't see your goals they are easily forgotten. We already talked about writing them down and being specific. Now you need to hang them up. Hang them everywhere. Hang them on your mirror so that while you are brushing your teeth you see them (don't forget to read them when you see them. don't just ignore them) Hang them up on your kitchen cabinets so that every time you get a plate or cup you see them. Hang them on the fridge so that when you go to get food you see them. Hang them on your front door so you once again see them before you ever leave the house. And don't forget to hang them in your car. This is an important place to hang them because we are in our cars often and it is easy to get tempted to break your goals when out of the house because temptation is everywhere no matter what your goals are.

#5 Prep before leaving to go anywhere

If your goals are to loose weight you should never be leaving your house with out a plan of action that will help you succeed that day in your goals. If you need to take healthy food and snacks to stay on a good eating plan, make sure to NEVER be with out a healthy snack or meal. Keep healthy food in your car (make a healthy snack bin. just add a small container with portion controlled healthy snacks that are with in arms reach so that when you feel a craving or temptation you have healthy food right there.) Make sure that if you are going to have to purchase food think ahead in the morning and plan out several healthy places to eat or purchase food. Don't just give yourself one option. It is human nature to crave variety and often what we think we want later to eat isn't actually what we are craving when it is time to eat. So think of SEVERAL places where you can get healthy food weather if be a restaurant, convenient store or a grocery. If you have options you are more likely to not cheat.

#6 Be accountable to someone else

It is never fun to have to look someone else in the eyes and tell them today i didn't make my goals. It is even worse when you feel you have to lie. Having a partner to "check in with" on a regular basis will give you a reason to meet your daily, weekly and monthly goals. it is ok to fail but it is never ok to give up. On your own giving up takes no effort at all. You wouldn't be letting anyone down but yourself. But if you have a support system to check in with often you have some one else that can believe in you and hold you accountable when needed and even build you up when you feel week.

#7 Be honest with yourself

Take a good look at your self and know your limits. We are ALL weak in many ways and lets be honest, the reason you have made the goals in the first are because you see something about yourself that you would like to change. Recognize that we ALL have weaknesses and that we are ALL trying to make those weaknesses turn into strengths in our own lives. If you are gonna cheat on a diet or a goal......OWN IT!! Don't even attempt to give yourself an excuse. Understand that YOU are in the drivers seat of your life and NO ONE but YOU are making choices that effect YOU. Own it when you mess up and resolve to start again the next day or moment or when ever you can. Being honest with ourselves if vital to finding happiness in this lifetime if you ask me because once you realize that YOU are making YOUR dedications you have no one to blame but yourself.

#8 Don't beat yourself up

We all fail at some point. It is how you recover that makes the difference. If you beat yourself up about your failures or your slip ups you are taking away your ability to to stay positive about change. Change is apart of meeting goals. Change is a good thing because we are all trying to become a better version of ourselves everyday. Beating yourself up about little slip ups or really big mistakes can very easily lead to depression, anxiety and all kinds of other defeating behaviors and ways of thinking. Ultimately, no goals can be achieved with negative behaviors.

Now i know i haven't said anything new and that i basically focused on a weight loss goal. (I think most of us make some kind of weight management goal around this time of year) but all these rules can be applied to all goals. If you want to get your finances in control or create a budget, the same rules apply. If your goal is to spend more quality time with your family, the same rules apply. If you want to get better grades at school, the same rules apply. You just have to think about the steps and spend some time thinking on how you can break the goals down into doable steps.

I now it is never easy to make changes in our live but as long as the changes you make are positive every day will be just that much better throughout the year. Lets make 2016 the best year of your lives so far and the year that your New Years Resolutions actually get accomplished and not just forgotten a month or two into the year.

Good luck guys and comment below what YOUR Goals are for 2016. i would love to hear them and be able to support you all in your goals too.

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