The Horrors of a rural county Public School
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The Horrors of a rural county Public School

The following is a post i put on facebook about a zoo field trip i went on with My 7 year old Hunter. He is Diagnosed with ADS, Anxiety disorder and SPD. This is just ONE situation. He has been treated badly the entire time he has attended this school. He has only been back at this school since January of this year after a year and a half of homeschooling. He had grown eminsley in that homeschool time and i along with his father, behavior therapist, OT and pediatric Psychiatrist all agreed that we should attempt school again. This is what happened on this particular day.

i am gonna reshare this so others can see how this school is treating my poor little 7 year old.

So I have to vent for a moment. We have struggled and struggled with Hunters teachers and administrators and so forth. Today was his field trip to the zoo with his class. I was called a week ago and they tried to tell me they weren't gonna let him go. I fought that. Then they told me a few days ago again that they didn't want him going because "we can't trust him" their exact words. I let them know they are NOT allowed to keep him from going on the field trip and that I would be there to be his aid because they refused to give him one all year. Then this morning his teacher called me and rudely "explained" that IF hunter was allowed to go he would NOT be given anything to eat and I MUST provide the food fold for him. I told them I would be there to follow the bus to the zoo at the appropriate time and to not call me again.
So, when I pulled into follow the busses (they refused to allow me on the bus to ride with him) we was roughly brought to me and he was sobbing. I was told Hunter is "not allowed on the bus and if you choose to drive him myself I can accompany the other school kids" basically I was told that we had to keep our distance from the everyone else. There was absolutely NO reason why any of this should have happened. Hunter had done NOTHING absolutely nothing wrong this morning or any day the previous weeks.
When we arrived at the zoo we found the school and stood in line to enter the zoo. The teachers addressed every one saying the following, "we will be eating first. Everyone go to the pavilion. (Then to me,) you two can do what ever. (Then to everyone) we will be meeting here at 1:30 to go home. (Again to me) you two do what ever you want if we see you we see you."
Are you KIDDING ME!!!! We went were everyone was eating and had to sit alone, and we're come rely ignored the entire time by absolutely everyone except one very kind lady and her 2 kids. They stayed with us the whole time and treated us completely like normal people, which is what Hunter and I are. When ever we say the others we got eyerolls, snickering and whispers.
When it was time to go the sweetheart that was with me and Her buyer got a call from the teacher and was told to go to the front to meet the other kids. She told the teacher that Hunter was with her kids and then she was told oh what ever. So we walked up front and I had a piece of paper shoved in my face and was told to sign it saying I was taking responsibility for him the rest of the day. Then I was waved away with out a single other word. Hunter tried to say good bye and was again completely ignored.
These pictures were from after I had finally calmed him down on our way to the zoo. He couldn't understand why he was being punished. It was heart breaking.
He feel asleep shortly after leaving and then I lost it and I cried the entire way home. The disrespect that this poor kid gets from the adults that are supposed to be I charge of him is inexcusable!!!! This is why we pulled him out of school in the first place I had faith that we could conquer the end of this year but we are done. He will NOT be going back.
How can so called EDUCATORS be allowed to like this toward a 7 year old 1st grader??!!! This has been one of the worst situations I have had to deal with and it was heart breaking to think that this is the environment that he has been in since January. I don't know maybe I was a horrible mom for even trying to send him back.....

After i posted this on late Sunday evening I was flooded with other parents saying that their kids had been mistreated also at this school. Monday morning when my Husband took our second grader and our Prek to school he was approached by both the princepal and a school board member and my husband was told that what i had written was a threat to the school and every one in it. He was then told that if i set foot on the property they would call the police. I was so incredibly distraught that my other two kids were at the school at this time that we immediately went to the Board of Education and spoke with the Super Intendant. He was very kind and was trying to understand what had happened during this incident and all other incidents  including the time that the school correction officer "spoke" to Hunter when he was 5 years old with out my knowledge and with out any notification. 

The super intendant told me that I AM allowed on the property and that the school had handled it incorrectly. As of now this is not resolved and nothing except an arch meeting has been set up for Thursday of this week. I am dreeding this meeting and have meet with Hunters Behavior Therapist and will be meeting with his other therapist before then. I will be accompanied by my husband, Hunters respite worker, the OT and all others involved. I wish i had other parents there with me but I had NO INTENTION of starting a war with the school. i only have asked for fair and equal treatment for my son and a good education. PLEASE leave your comments below to let us know what you think about all this.

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