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Pool Restored

Soooo, we got this pool at walmart on june 12th of this year. Wr immediately put it together and filled it up. The kids were in it for at least an hour before lunch and at least an hour sometimes two after rest time and before dinner. 

We used it for aqua therapy everyday for the kids to receive deep all body pressure which is ABSOLUTELY fabulous for their autism. 

Swimming is so very good for all kids but for Autistic and Sensory kids the whole body pressure they get when in the water is intense and day altering.  It grounds them after only a few minuets in the water.  That allows them to be "present" and able to accomplish so much more focused therapy.  For example, Our youngest Ariabella who has very little speech, it takes a full hour of focused speech therapy to get a few words out of her at all.  But after only a few minuets in the pool her speech doubles and sometimes triples after an extended amount of time in the water.  It can be over stimulating if you allow them to swim for too long though.  For us an hour is about their limit.  after that they get overly excited and unable to calm themselves, their tantrums will increase and they are just plain over tired.  It is a tightrope that you have to walk but on average about an hour is the normal for these kids.

For us we immediately saw drastic improvement in their autistic behaviors, sleep patterns and major improvement with Airabellas and Ammons speech and the whole family's anxieties all but disappeared. It was just short of a miracle for us AND it was all done in our own back yard which meant almost NOT having to pack everything needed to do this at a YMCA or another pool and it didn't mess up our routines at all which is a HUGE plus for our family.  Our family has to have a routine and regular schedule or else the entire family is in total crazy mode.  Will the pool being her at home, to do therapy all we have to do is walk out to the back yard.  Awesome!!

With in 2 weeks there were numerous, and I mean at least 20 pin holes in the liner. Boo!!! I was refilling for a few hours every night. I felt like I had WASTED the $200 we didn't have but I spent anyway on the pool, plus all the extra charges on our water bill.  I was really mad. So at week 3 I had finally just drained the dumb thing and given up. A day later I decided to call the company and complain.  So when I started in on my polite complaint i totally expected them to just say Sorry about your luck and blow me off, BUT an amazing thing happened instead......

They told me to take a set of 4 specific pictures gave me a claim number and an email to send them to. I did it in about 3 minuets and sent the email the next day. I never heard back from them and didn't receive any return email so thought "Oh well, Guess i just flushed that $200 down the drain. Never again" I resolved.  It was incredibly frustrating and I had already fought my husband about getting the pool in the first place so I was ready to eat my argument from a few weeks before with him about how desperately we needed the pool.  After a week he had apologized when he saw how much it had helped the family and the kids autism.  It was undeniable how much it had changed and helped the kids.  But now.....It was time for me to apologize and saw to him that "Yes, it was a waste and too much money for just a 3 week run."

Well, just now, I got a knock on the door and a BRAND NEW LINER showed up at my door via Fed Ex. WOW!!! Faith in kindness of an american company restored.  They called it a warranty claim and took care of the situation with no extra effort of cost for our family.  I can't believe it.  I have never had such a bad frustrating situation been resolved with such little effort.  Usually it takes months of arguing and fighting with the company and then I am almost always disappointed in the end.  I was shocked and amazed.

The pool will be going back up tomorrow and we will be back on our aqua therapy routine by the end of the week. My summer and early fall is saved. My children will be "grounded" again and their Autism will be held at bay til the weather is freezing and it is way too cold for us to swim outside. 

Thanks for listening Poly Group!! You rock!!

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