The Project bin that saved Christmas
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The Project bin that saved Christmas

So i realized about a day too late that enforceing a new rule about tech time only being given at 15 minuet in travels and you had to earn them might not have been started at the best time.  We started our Holiday break and started the rule at the same time.  We only lasted a day before i realized they had no idea what to do with “free time”  besides watch tv and play on iPads.  They did learn to climb a tree about a month ago and they did that nonstop til it snowed.

The project bin was a brain storm i had after the first day of our vacation from homeschool.   It wasn’t a true vacation because we try to tie everything into something educational, always pushing their knowledge just a bit further.  (I love it when they ask questions.  They do most of the work for me.  they already have an intrest for the day so i just run with what ever topic it is.)  So last summer i realized that their autistic stemming was lessened if their brains were working and not laying dormant.  So they act better when they are thinking.  

This was an AMAZING discovery because then i came up with a cycle of the day that seems to really work.  They need something physical in the morning before we can ask them to sit still.  This in essence “Fills Their Sensory Bucket” for the next 2 hours.  We like to Have Dancing time, excersize time (like tia bow dvd)  or an obstical corse.  We do it for no less than 15 minuets and no more than 30 minuets.  Then we pull out the “PROJECT BIN”.  This is where the magic happens.

The project bin is a plastic tote filled with projects.  Things like paper strips and a stapler to make paper chains.  Glue, Markers, Christmas cards to make and Christmas stickers to add.  Coloring books, White paper and safety cutting tools their favorite books to read, and Tons of other stuff to do or “craft”.  After doing the craft we would make it educational some how,  Just doing the craft is great for working on fine motor skills by itself.  

For example after spending the morning cutting our circles (we traced a bowl to make a circle on printer paper.) and hanging them up all over the wall we counted them and sorted them.  From biggest to medium to smallest.  I might have written about this in a previous post.  

We have had a ball and no one has complained about being bored.  And the rule is that i can spend 5 minuets teaching them the craft or peeping them for the craft and then mommy has to go and do 10minuets of chores of free time.  Luckily this is working out great for us.  the kids are being responsable and i am spending time with them and getting stuff done at the same time.  

The project bin has been a real life saver.

In fact it worked so well that we are going to change out the stuff in it each month with new projects that will go along with what we are studying in school and give the kids fun ways to use what they are learning in a crafting kind of way.  It we are gonna take away the tech time we need to replace it with creativity and what i like to call "sneaky education".

Merry Christmas all.  God bless From the Jeffries

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