Our New Christmas Tradition is On Purpose This Year
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Our New Christmas Tradition is On Purpose This Year

I sit here at 7:30pm and i have 4 kids in bed and a husband on his way to get a red box for us.  A little Bing Crosby playing as i smell the Apple Cinnamon christmas ornaments drying in the kitchen for the night.  Today has been a lot of fun.

Brandon worked last night so he came home and went to bed but not before helping with breakfast and letting me get a shower done.  The kids and i  spent the day being tired and laying around.  Mrs. Renee tried to do behavior therapy but couldn’t get the boys to do anything.  They kept saying they were tired and threw a bunch of point less tantrums.  (this part of the day was difficult  but quiet time usually gives us a reboot.)  

Before Mrs Renee came over around 11am, we spent the morning going through craft supplies which inspired all 4 kids to make some sticker posters and then lots of water color paintings.  It occupied them for a good hour and a half while i was able to do some quick reorganizing of the preschool supply area.  

We are having Christmas at our house this year for Brandons side of the family so we have spent a bunch of our homeschool time doing crafts and decorating then we tie it back to education.  For example.  We spent a morning cutting and hanging white paper snowflakes.  (the white paper is important.  i have made an effort to decorate the school room only with White if at all possible.  It allows us to decorated but still keep it non distracting for the kids so that it doesn’t overload their sensory issues.  So far it was work in the most amazing way)  i couldn’t get the kids to stop for lunch and the did more when daddy got up in the afternoon.  To make it all educational we counted and sorted the ones that we had hung.  How many of the biggest ones, how many medium ones and how many small ones.  How many more do we need to cover that wall.  Things like that.

We have started what i would consider an ongoing tradition but one we really thought about this year.  We have never had a lot of money for Christmas, who does,  so we have mostly made all our ornaments and decorations.  This year i made it a point to tell the kids at the beginning of the month that we would be making every decoration and the more creative the better.  They were really excited.  WE  LOVE CRAFTS in our house.  i have to be really really patient with them but they have done really well and gained my trust.  

Making this our tradition has changed our Christmas season in more ways that i could have ever imagined.  It had forced us to spend much more time together as a family creating our decorations.  It has inspired the kids to come up with ideas on their own of gifts to give from our crafts.  It has helped with focus for the the kids because we have to get supplies, do the craft and then clean up so it gives the kids a beginning, middle and end to each project.  Plus if we are making the ornaments and decorations i don't have to keep ALL of them.  (Less for me to store tip next year. Deffinite plus!)  We just save a select Very few and start all over next year.  It is Great for keeping busy and the kids occupied for the entire holiday.  And hosting christmas at our house was on pour pose too.  Sounds crazy but it will give the kids a chance to show off all their hard work.  It gives them a sense of pride and i love hearing them tell the story of how and why and even when we made certain things.  I think they will really remember this Christmas differently.  It really and truly hasn't been about presents.  In fact we don't have a single present wrapped and under the tree and won't til at least the 23rd.  

This has by far been my favorite Christmas season to date.  Our family time is so much more enjoyable and the result of our hard work is all over the house.  The kids are proud of the decorations they have made and we talk about each one on an on going basis.  I have absolutely adored this years holiday and am excited that it isn’t nearly over yet.

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çelik raf on Monday, September 12, 2016 4:14 PM
Aber Theres a verborgen Koeder locken.Auch Wetter
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ikinci el klima on Friday, September 16, 2016 5:41 PM
I have absolutely adored this years holiday
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goodman klima on Friday, September 16, 2016 5:52 PM
Harika yetenekler
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metal raf on Wednesday, October 12, 2016 4:46 AM
This posting is marvelous and what a fantastic
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çelik raf sistemleri on Thursday, March 02, 2017 5:44 PM
Sollten sie scheitern verfehlen bis schuetzen , haben Sie
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