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Mr. Mason....My HERO!!

I have had a difficult month.  As you might remember from our "Our Family" page, I have been diagnosed with Systemic Lupus since age 15.  I have been sick for 21 years which is a long time.  I know that one day my disease is going to kill me but I had no idea how close I would come this last week......
About 2 months ago I finally got our family tested for Gluten and Dairy allergies.  The results where exactly what I expected.  The boys and Daddy are Gluten and Dairy intolerant with a the inability to digest Peanut Butter.  I, on the other hand, am completely allergic to all of the above and am NOT happy about it.  I really love my breads, pasta and CHEESE, and it took scientific proof to make me eliminate these from our diet. 

It was because of our new diet that we have been trying many new foods and food replacements.  We love granola/energy bars in our family and i thought i had struck gold when i found a recipe for one with only 3 ingredients and only took 2 minuets to prepare from start to finish.  They consisted of almonds, rasiens, and dates.  I couldn't remember working with dates before but the recipe seemed so easy that i was excited to try it.

I made a batch last Tuesday and we all quickly consumed half of them once the boys got home around 4pm.  After an hour of therapy i made dinner and feed the family around 5:15pm.  I wasn't able to eat any of the chicken, green beans and applesauce because i was starting to feel pretty weak and ache, like i was coming down with some virus.  While daddy took over taking care of the kiddos and cleaning up dinner i lay down on the couch.  By 6pm when Brandon had to leave for work i had taken a turn for the worse.  I had a throbbing head ache and all my joint hurt.  He kissed us all goodnight and told me he hoped i felt better and headed out the door for the 45 minuet drive to the hospital where he works.

By 6:45pm i was in really bad shape.  The head ache had escalated into a full blown migraine, all my joint had locked up and the pain was escrusiating, I was ghost white, my skin felt like i have needles in every poor and i had begun to shake violently and uncontrolably.  I was barely able to communicate but was finally able to say to Mason, My 6 year old, "Call Daddy".  He immediately took action.  

Mason quickly went around the house and drug every blanket he could to me and covered me up as best he could.  He then called Brandon and said, "Mommy won't stop shaking."  Brandon started freaking out but did his best to stay calm telling Mason, "Take care of Mommy, I'm calling for help."  Mason hung up the phone and Brandon called a trusted neibhor and friend to come and help.  Mason moved his 2 younger brothers to a different couch away from me telling them, "Don't worry, i know what to do."  Then made Airabella, his 2 year old sister, a bottle and helped her climb into her crib with the aid of a step stool he got from the bathroom.  He then came back to my side and began to gently stroke my shoulder while i shook and shivered under the blankets. (he later told me that is the only place he felt he could touch me with out hurting me) 

Our friend showed up about 15 minuets later and gave me a blessing (we are mormon and believe very strongly in the healing power of Priesthood Blessings) He acted as though he wanted to take me to the hospital right then and there but i told him i believed that if i could just get the kids to bed that i could rest and be ok.  I was feeling a bit better and the shaking had subsided a little so i stupidly sent him home.

About an hour later all the symptoms got worse and i began to think about what i would do with my kids if i had to make Mason call 911.  Luckily mason had plugged the phone next to himself encase he needed to call daddy again for help if he couldn't "wake mommy up".  Right at that moment my mother text me with something completely unrelated at the very moment i was praying with all my heart for help.  I was able to text her, "I am having a Violent reaction to something. Call Brandon!"  My mother and father immediately jumped in the car and drove the 35 to 4o minuets to my house without even a response to the text that i know of.

My mom and dad were able to calm the children and do what it took to help me which meant staying most of the night by my bed side, a hospital visit, lots of blood work, and tests with no answers, and a night of TLC and sleep at their house away from the worried eyes of my children and husband. i have had Doctors appointment and strong prescriptions and am still very i'll.  The conclusion is that due to the allergic reaction to Dates i am in a full blown Lupus relapse.  I am allergic to Sulfa Medications and apparently my Fathers research is showing that most dried fruits and dates contain sulfa, who knew?!

I have a long road of healing ahead of me but due to the quick thinking of my amazing 6 year old son i was able to receive the help i needed when i needed it most.  He is still very concerned for my health and often asks, "Are you ok Mommy?  How are you feeling?" and he continues to try and protect me from my flailing other children and help me to the best of his ability at such a young age.  I am so very lucky that we taught him what to do if Mommy got really sick and is unable to help herself.  He knows how to call 911 if needed and which number is Daddy's in my phone.  He also know how to read our address and phone number off the sign i hung by our computer to tell an emergency worker how to get to me for help.  I am continually blown away by his ability to keep his younger siblings safe in a situation like this and how to make sure i don't go into shock. 

He is truly one amazing child and deffinatly MY HERO!

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BS-I-W on Tuesday, November 05, 2013 9:03 PM
Very useful and very informative. Thanks once again and do share some more posts if you have!
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├želik raf sistemleri on Thursday, March 02, 2017 5:58 PM
very big site and very good blog
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├želik raf on Sunday, March 05, 2017 9:44 AM
nice work thanks u
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