Who's Afraid of the Sand Box?
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Who's Afraid of the Sand Box?

I AM!!  

I have always dreaded the summer time sand box.  I hated it.  You buy a bunch of sand, dump it in a huge box or bin of some kind and pray that the cats don't find it and us it as an over sized litter box.  Then every time the kids play in it you fear they may contract some crazy disease from the who knows what that is living in there.  And worst of all, the sand is everywhere, all summer long.  In the hair, in the clothing, in the tub or shower, in the carpet....yuck.  I even find it in my washing machine.

Well, this year I fear no more!  I have found the solution to my problems.  First,  I only bought 2 bags of sand at Walmart for less than $3 each and a clear plastic long bin.  This was super cheap and worth every penny. The clear part is important.  It also had to have a tight locking lid.  

We filled the bin with the 2 bags of "play sand" and then rummaged around the house for fun things to play with in the sand.  We found sea shells, glass stones, small dinasours and other odds and ends.  They were also cheap and all found at the Dollar Tree where everything is a dollar.  I LOVE that place.  The clear bin allowed them to see under the sand which was a totally novel idea for them.  We had always used a few wooden 8x1's screwed  together and filled that with like 8 to 10 bags of sand and the cats always found it by the end of month one.  

This is where the locking bin comes into play.  Close and lock after each play session and wala!  No cats, no bugs and a healthy sprinkling of cinnamon not only makes it smell good but keeps cats, spiders and bugs out and away from the area.  YEA!!

My last brilliant move was to get some baby powder.  Yes I did say baby powder.  Put a decent amount on the sandy area example: feet, arms, legs, hands even hair and rub. The sand magicly comes right off, and I mean every grain!!  Love it!! 

No more sandy carpet,  no more sandy kids no more sandy clothing.  And baby powder left the kids silky smooth.  They love the texture it leaves behind on the skin.  I like the smell it leaves behind, the whole house ends up smelling like babies.

SOOOO happy to have found these solutions because sand is so incredibly beneficial for all children and super great for sensory play.  I always did the stupid sand box and i always regretted it after just a few days.  this has changed our lives because it is always avalible, always clean, always fun and always meeting a sensory need.  It also helps work on focus, anxiety and social interactions when playing with others.   It is also truly fantastic for encouraging imaginative play which is great for all kids.

So FEAR NO MORE the DREADED SAND BOX!!!  And play on kids.

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tuneBreaker on Tuesday, November 05, 2013 9:04 PM
Such a wonderful information you are giving, I am impressed through it. And thanks for your great efforts to give important information.
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washing machine cleaning on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 2:14 AM
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├želik raf sistemleri on Thursday, March 02, 2017 5:51 PM
The kids played for awhile and we then biked for about a half hour before the 2 younger ones were passing out.
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