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Clifty Falls State Park

So we hit up Clifty Falls State Park yesterday and LOVED IT!! 

Brandon had an errand to do in the early morning so we left the house about noon.  It took about 45 min to get there and we had to stop several times along the way.   Boo!  But we needed snacks, then potty, then 3 different places for money.  (we forgot that if you aren't an Indiana resadent it is $7 per car load.  and it is $5 if you are a resadent. Don't forget this.  The park is in the middle of no where and there are few places to get money.)  So it is really close to us and that makes me happy.  Less time in the car equals less crazies  from everyone.  Yea!

We got there and the weather was amazing.  It was 75 and a great breeze.  We got ready quickly by my strandards and slow as turtles according to my husband.  We all got on socks and hicking shoes and then Brandon really started moaning when i broke out the Helmats.   "What are those for?"

"Would you rather they tumble down the cliff with out their heads being protected?"

"well, No"

"exactly!  Now put the stupid helmets on the kids."

Once that was done. We set off.  First they got to see where we would be going.  Then we were walking on a path on the side of a cliff.  Loved it!  We took the "Rugged" way, There is also an easy way, we took that on the way back.  (lots of stairs but much shorter) 

We were climbing down rock stairways and down into canyons and under rock ledges where we took the oppertunity to talk about all the holes in the rock wall and who might be living in them.  Then we talked about why it was cooler in the cave then up on top of it.  Then we even tied in water erotion and how the cave was formed. 

We hiked down to the "Big Clifty Stone Over Look"  and the boys were really disappointed that they couldn't get closer to the falls.  We hiked back up to take a break on a great bench area and took another look at the free trail map and figure out where we were.  We then hiked up to the play area that has a paved loop to ride our bikes on, a play ground and great set of bathrooms and even a pavilion with a fireplace.  NICE!!

Mason and Hunter also got their first little taste of rock climbing.  (this is supposed to be a great sport for Kids with focus issues, Autism, and Sensory Issues.  It give great deep pressure in an isolation muscle kind of way and it is self motivating but also needs a spotter and the comunication has to be there too.  so you can see that this is great for many reasons)

The problem was that we had to hike back to get the car so we took the "easy" way back and cut the time in half after letting the kids play on the play ground for about a half hour.  Ammon and Airabella were really tired and Brandon piggybacked one and i did the other.  Which would have been totally fine except that Hunter was tired too and kept stopping right in front of me about every ten steps.  AARRRGGG!

We made it to the car, finally, feed the kids PB&J sanwiches at the picnic table after driving back to the play area.  We ate sandwiches, grapes and watermelon.  The kids played for awhile and we then biked for about a half hour before the 2 younger ones were passing out. 

Great Day Trip for Sure!

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TOUCH-review on Tuesday, November 05, 2013 9:05 PM
Excellent written post. thanks for sharing with us.Your style is so unique compared to other people I've read stuff from
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├želik raf sistemleri on Thursday, March 02, 2017 5:49 PM
To make it all educational we counted and sorted the ones that we had hung.
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