to Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate ? How do I Feel?
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to Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate ? How do I Feel?

I had a friend recently ask me what was my opinion was on vaccinating my children. It was a great question. She is a soon to be mother and was seeking out advice from many different resources, I just happen to be one of them. There is so much controversy on vaccines and whether or not they can cause Autism.

There is new research out that FINALLY admits a connection to “vaccine induced Autism.” I haven't spent as much time researching this as most newer parents due to the fact that we are mostly done with the younger more invasive vaccines. I do however wish that I had done it all differently. The problem is that we go to the pediatrician thinking that they are the expert, which they are, and that all the information that they are giving us is true and what is best for our new babies. I do believe that doctors whole heatedly think that they know what is best for our children. But then they load their poor lil immune systems with 3, 4 ,5 and sometimes even 6 vaccines at a time which is CRAZY!! How on earth can we expect a newborns immune system to be combated so many Toxins that we are injecting into their bodies.

If I was to do it all over again, I would first and foremost ask the doctors how they store and monitor the safety of their vaccines. I would ask them to show me documentation proving that the specific vaccines that they are about to inject into my baby is safe. And yes, they do have ways to prove it quite easily. The CDC recommends them to monitor and document their vaccines in very specific ways there for ensuring their safety. I know this for a fact because my father owns a company called Two Dimensional Instruments that provides this monitoring equipment and he is consistently updating me on any changes that the CDC makes when it comes to vaccine monitoring. If they are unable to provide me with this requested information.....I would have found a new pediatrician IMEADIATLY!! And blindly pushing me as a parent into something that you think is best for my children with out the necessary prof to back up your claims is unexceptionable.

Most pediatricians have a “Meet the Practice” night for soon to be parents to come and ask any and all questions and meet the doctors that will be caring for your babies. I highly recommend these!!! they are usually once a month or at the most every other month. If your pediatrician does not have these meetings you should be able to request a sit down with the doctor with a reasonable waiting time, not 3 or 4 months down the line. I went to about 4 of these before choosing our pediatricians and boy am I glad I did. Some of the doctors I visited would have never taken my educated concerns into consideration when it comes to treating my kids, not just on the vaccine issue but all sickness both common and extream. We eventually found the Right doctor for us and were happy for 2 years but, of course, then we moved and the process started all over again.

Mad props by the way to all single and working mothers that have to do this all on their own! I would never have had the needed time to go to these “pediatrician interviews” with out the cooperation of my husband. Stay strong moms!

Next, if I was doing this all over again, I would never have given my kids more than one vaccine at a time and waited at least 2 weeks in between each one. I know that takes FOREVER, but I do have reasons why, and most doctors offices in general don't charge a second copay if you are just coming in for a vaccine or shot. It does however require many visits back and forth to the doctor and the added anxiety and increased fear of the pediatricians themselves. But honestly, what is the greater good here.....possibly causing intense medical issues that will follow our babies their entire life, or a little bit of our time and energy to prevent it. No Brainier!

So I would have for sure done only one vaccine at a time and waited 2 weeks in between, yes, I know I repeated myself but this is the important part. If we give many vaccines and lets say see a fever afterwords, would you know for sure what or which one was causing the fever? I know that fevers are common after vaccines but how high is too high? What if the leg or arm swells up double it's normal size, (this happened to me as a baby and mother had them split each shot from that point on) how about then? What about, and this is a worse case sinerio, you poor lil baby has an anticlimactic response and suddenly can't breath. Would you be able to tell the ER doctors what caused it specificly to be able for you baby to receive the correct treatment?

These are all questions that wouldn't have to be asked if we only gave one vaccine at a time and watched the child for 2 weeks to make sure that they are metabolizing the vaccine in the correct way. In the 2 weeks after the shot after monitoring your child you will confidently be able to say OK, we see no problems and are ready to start the process all over again with the next vaccine.

As for my kiddos. I truly believe that they were born with their Autism. We were lucky enough to be blessed with Aspergers. My personal opinion is that you can't “cause” Aspergers. I could most definitely see a vaccine shutting down parts of the brain and causing “Low Functioning Autism” but I have a really hard time believing that a vaccine can open up the brain and cause Aspergers. I know that sounds really complicated but I think that Aspergers is a syndrome where the brain is working on a higher plane or in essence on overdrive all the time. I mean that they are using parts of the brain that a normal everyday individuals are not able to access. And it is because of this constant brain overload or over stimulation that causes much of the other symptoms of Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder and everything else that can be associated with Autism. I will be writing an article on this in the future to further explain.

This entire issue is scary in so many ways and most of the doctors are putting our newborns and toddler at possible risk for a life time of difficulty by giving too many vaccines at once. So I beg of you to make sure that you are an educated advocate for your children. This is their life and you are their parents and care givers. It is our responsibility to stand our ground when we have concerns about our children. We must not allow an anyone to push us to do anything to or for our children that we are not comfortable with. Make educated and informed decisions together as a doctor patient parent team. After all, you are paying them, in essence they WORK FOR YOUR and you CHILDREN! Never forget that.

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