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Here's to an Odd Day

Let me explain.  Daddy got up with the kids at like 7am.  GGOOOODDD Daddy. That was very sweet.  He gets up most mornings with the kids when they are probably at one of their craziest times of the day. 
 I read an article once along time ago that said a Sensory Kid, (which almost all ADD, ADHD, Autistic, and Asperger kids are, and I'm sure that there others) wake up with a cup that they have to fill up with "sensory imput".   Because as they sleep the cup is emptied out. So by morning, the cup is totally empty and needs to be filled, in their mind, as quickly as possible to feel "Grounded"
In this article, I really wish I could remember who wrote it or how I found it so if any one knows let me know.  The writer used an example from her own life but I can imagine this is most of these "Sensory Kids" mornings like it is my boys.  I woke like most mornings to one of the kids tearing through the house.  Practically bouncing off the walls as he chants very loudly, "I'm hun---gry,  I need to ea---t now." in a sing song voice. 
 I intercept him as he comes flying around the corner at full speed, ready to take out any one or anything in his past or near vicinity.  He was trying to fly into the room and onto the bed as hard as he thought necessary at the time.  This usually hurts me every time but I was us a bit early and heard him coming. 
I bent down and said to him, "hey Hunter..are you hungry?"  He nodded.  "Hey Hunter, Let's make breakfast."  He imeadiatly screamed at the top of his lungs, "YEEEEEEEEAAA!!!"  Turns runs down the hall to the kitchen clapping the whole way.  Not real clapping but the autistic clapping with the heals of his hands.  It just gives more input. 
Any way, I think I started ranting but after I got up at 8am we packed up in the Denali and drove to the Oldham County YMCA.  Which we love.  Turns out they were having their consignment sale and swim lessons so bonus for mommy.  We dropped the boys and Bella off in the Adventure center.  Brandon went to run and I spent 15 min just hanging out. 
After 15 minuets I thought the poor staff had been tortured enough with Bellas screaming (She is Sooooo co dependent, but we are working on it) so I picked her up and we went to the consignment sale boy free.  It was really funny because we walked through the girl section looking for some girl jammies as she wore her hand me down sports ball jammies and pink crocks with followers on them.  I would pull something girl out and as would you wear this?"  She would put her hand at me and do her little wave off and say, "uh, no".  She is only 21 months and already a  total tom boy and so much fun for me.
Wasted a bunch of time got some Usbourne Books 1/2 off and a great starter bag from 31 1/2 off, Yee Haw!! got the boys and daddy for a 1/2 hour of running around the basketball court trying to keep the kids from killing someone by rolling a ball under their feet.  I was able to teach Mason a little about how to hit the volley ball.  He's a natural.  Holy crap.... I just realized that is why my wrists are killing me right now.  dough. 
After swimming we went home grabbed lunch, took Daddy to work and met Aunt Dalynn and her kids and Grama Jeffries at the Zoo.  Got back to his work about 6:30 and the kids completely flipped out for about 30 minuets.  It felt like 4 hours.  Right before we left the zoo Grama was nice enough to get a cotton candy for everyone to share.  it was so sweet of her considering we were all tired of listening to Mason whine about it for the last hour.  She shared the blue cotton candy with every one and with in 5 minuets the two youngest were completely drenched by throwing water on each other and everyone near that huge World Water thing by the bathrooms as the zoo.  Hunter was stemming all over the place and really struggling, especially after Ammon got tired of throwing water all over himself and his sister so started throwing water all over Him. 
I looked around and realize I had about a 5 minuet window before I lose complete control and end up dragging all four kids "LITERALLY" through the parking lot to the car......I turned, threw 2 kids in the stroller and handed the other two to cousin Julia, 15 and sooooo cool for helping me.  and basicly said just follow me.  I totally made it.  Rock on.  that only lasted about 2 minuets before the insane flips around the car and I sit and wait for Brandon to get off work in a parking garage on Thunder Over Louisville.  Yippee. I looked back at one point and Mason was seriously standing on his head in the back of the car.  I could only see his feet and when I got back there to drag him out of the back of the car he was standing on his head.  Wow! 
By the time Brandon got out to the car they had all crashed and were silent til they fell asleep about 5 minuets into the drive home.  Odd day for sure but I did learn that I swear on all that is holy that those kids are never gonna get blue cotton candy on my watch again or else i'm gonna run the other direction.  Fair warning every one you give it, you get them!!

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