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YEE HAW!!  My hubby has a J-O-B!!  Yesterday, after nine months of unemployment and many turn downs, Brandon got offered a CT position at Norton Audibon. We are soooo relived.  We had just used up the last of our savings and were really trying to figure out what we were gonna do to survive.  (thank you Dave Ramsey for teaching us how to keep debt away and have some savings to fall back on.) 
One amazing experance is that last Sunday where we payed up out tithing with the last lil bit of money we had.  The next day a $300 check showed up in the mail from a house we owned back in 2006.  We have no idea why the check came or how they even knew were to find us to send it, we have moved several times, but it came and we were able to get some gas for the car and pay a bill we needed to pay.  It just totally reaffirms that God knows who we are and what we need when. 
To make things even better, the job offer came the next day.  Now don't get me wrong, we hadn't stopped paying tithing, we just had to make some tough decisions.  It was, "well, do we get some food to feed the kids or pay our tithing?"  The kids won out for about a month.  We totally intended on "catching up" when Brandon had some income coming in, but that isn't really what God asks of us. 
Soooo, and here is some real honesty, we discussed it and decided that we would use what we had left to pay up our tithing in full and ask the church to help us feed our crazies.  I am not embarresed about this at all.  That is why we pay fast offerings in our church.  We are asked as Latter Day Saints or Mormons for short to fast for 24 hours if medically able each month.  Then to take the money we would have spent on food in that 24 hours and offer it as "Fast Offerings".  This money is then used as a welfare program with in the church to help those in need. 
 I am pretty sure that this is the money the church uses to help with disaster relief around the world also.  The coolest part of this program is that it's not a free ride if you are in need of food (not the disaster relief people of course).  They ask you to give service to those in need.  Often they use the skills you have to benefit others in need.  Once we helped a sister out by working on her broken car, a skill my husband has and his brother is proficient at so they were able to do this together.  Sometimes they ask for help cleaning the church, or volentering with other programs with in the church.  Brandon said when he was young and his family needed assistance, they went to the place where they can food for this welfare program and was able to help can food. 
This is the most amazing program along with so many other inspired programs because it is not just a hand out.  And honestly, who really wants just a hand out.  We really wanted to feel like we were useful and making a difference because the church was making such a difference for us by helping us feed our family.  What a great way of doing things.  This was really hard for Brandon to ask for this kind of help because he wants so badly to be the provider for our family.  Sometimes God needs us to just swallow our pride and ask for help and in turn he gives us the most amazing experiences that we will never forget.
Oh I am so happy that the stress of not having a job is now subsided somewhat.  But still this is such a double edge sword.  I am so sad for those who are not as fortunate as us.  There are soooo very many jobless families out there and my heart weeps for them.  This kind of stress with in a family or even to an individual is just so debilitating.  I pray to my Father in Heaven daily that one day we will be allowed to bless others the way God has blessed us.  I know that one day he will allow me to do this because my will is strong and I think I have good intentions.
So once again, the saga of the no job is over.  At least for now.  Who knows what the future holds but at least we feel a little more prepared for it.  God Bless Y'all!

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