Holy Crap!! Boston Bombing Response
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Holy Crap!! Boston Bombing Response

Can I just say again HOLY CRAP!!!
This world scares me to no end.  I am praying several times a day for those effected by the most recent bombing.  Every time I think of these incidents I am overwhelmed by sadness.  Praying is never gonna be enough, but honestly what more can I do? 
It seems lately that at least every month in "this country"  there is a school shooting, bombing or just some complete syco taking the lives of the innocent. 
 I remember when I was young, and I mean all of my child years, hearing about horrible things like this on the news and hiding in my room crying out of fear.  I wouldn't want to leave the safety of my home and feared for my family, friends and all of humanity.  I watch my children now going thru this themselves and it breaks my heart.  The saddest part is that I feel the same way.
We turned off all cable and satalite in our home for 2 reasons.  We couldn't afford the insane prices of these providers and we just didn't want the kids exposed to such horrors.  I know that we can't really prevent most of their exposure but we are trying to at least be the ones to talk to them about it face to face and not just allow them to get their info from other sources.  We do have ROKU and allow the kids to watch Netflix on this.  (we mostly watch educational tv shows and movies and documentaries that they like.  we love the Imax movies, national geographic, and history shows.  one of our Favorite shows is "How It's Made." we are lucky that the kids love this stuff.)  We also have Hulu Plus for us adults but really haven't spent any time on hulu lately finding that we don't really like a lot of the shows on there anyway and really don't have time to sit down and watch an hour long or even half hour long show unless we are folding mountains of laundry.
My sister in law notified me on face book, which I am convinced is taking up way too much of my time too, but it is what it is, an outlet.  When I found out that such a senseless act of violence had happened I immediately thought, "man am I glad I don't have regular tv anymore.  These things are just soooo terrifying for both me and the kids."  once I found out about this though I did sit down my kiddos and let them know that Yes, it is something really scary that happened.  Yes, it was an incredibly bad choice on someone or a group of someones part in doing such a horrible thing.  and YES...we can pray for those that are "Scared". (Mason amazes me with his faith in Gods ability to comfort those in need if he justs "asks for them because they are probably just too scared to ask."  his words.  love that kid.)
One of my face book friends said something I will never forget and will remind myself and my children of for the rest of our lives. "When something awful like this happens....look for the helpers.  There are always people who will be helping."  And you know what, this is all too true.  There will ALWAYS be people who will help thru the fear.  NO MATTER WHAT!!  I call these people the angels.  They are the ones who put all the fear and heartbreak aside and run head first into the mayhem to do nothing more than "Help" in some way shape or form. 
I am so impressed with my boys when after such an happening they say, "mommy, I always want to be one of the helpers."  I too feel this.  I want to be one of the helpers and it totally kills me when I can't do anything to help. 
Just to be clear, I don't just mean first responders or those whos job it is to help, even though I have mad respect for those who choose these types of work.  I also mean those who just help because it is the right thing to do.   These are the ones that I also like to call, Righteous Warriors.  Those who do what it is God and Jesus would be doing if they were hear themselves.
God Bless those effected by this tragedy and all the senseless acts of violence around the world.  Goodness knows we have too many of them.  One is too many in my book.  I hold each of you in my heart and cry with you now and each day.  Love and Peace to your souls.

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How to write an RFP response on Monday, December 23, 2013 2:22 AM
Blogger’s brilliant Efforts are really appreciable Every time I think of these incidents I am overwhelmed by sadness. Praying is never gonna be enough, but honestly what more can I do? . Anyone can easily understand the thoughts. Also I like the conclusions made on this topic which is really very informative.....
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