Being in the Water is Exhausted
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Being in the Water is Exhausted

I am totally exhausted.  I have really been pushing myself to get up and excersize.  I haven't been doing too much but it is draining all my energy reserves. 
 I have been going to the Oldham County YMCA and getting in the pool with the kiddos.  This is such amazing therapy for the kids.  The more they move in the pool, the more therapy they get.  The resistance of the water gives incredible deep pressure therapy for any kid.  The best part is that they think they are just playing in a pool.  They love to throw a toy or ball and then chase it.  The best part is when they "race" each other.  The harder they kick and pull, the more resistance they get from the water, the more Deep Pressure therapy they get to their muscles. 
The kids have gotten so good at using the life vest (we use the vests or float belts every time in the water so that I can relax and let them do what they want with out drowning.) that I really don't need to HELP them anymore, even Airabella doesn't want help anymore.  So I am spending most of my time moving my arms and legs and core as much as possible.  The thing is,  being in water is the best possible excersize for someone like me who has joint issues.   But it is also the most draining.
We spent a full month going 3 days a week to the pool working with all 4 kiddos in the pool with both Brandon and I.  There was just no other way to do it.  They had to learn how to function with the life vest and "trust" the vest and themselves in the pool. 
 The best part of the vest is not just for keeping their heads above water, but when they are snug, like they are supposed to be, they give Deep Pressure Therapy just by wearing them.  (it sure does make it easier to keep them on the kids once I explained that it will help them feel safe and happy if they wear them)  It's like them having a compression vest on.  In fact,  if you can't afford a compression vest, they are insanely expensive which is crazy in it's own way, a snug life vest is a great way to get the same effect for a much cheaper price.
So back to the main point.....Being in the water is very, very draining.  I have been coming home from an hour in the pool and sleeping for 2 hours.  Not really a great trade off when you have soooo much to get done.  But, it is what it is, and to get my body back I have to do the work and deal with the side effects til my body gets used to the extra effort. I just wish I new how long that would take so I could know how long to expect this to last.
I used to be stronger mentally than this.  I have been pushing myself for years put only in a different way, mentally to over come my anger and frustration with the kids.  Physically this is draining enough but it is deffenatly time to move forward and become stronger.
I can do this, but man it is soooo much harder at middle age than it was when I was younger.

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JustMommy on Thursday, April 18, 2013 9:11 PM
Do you only visit the Y? Shelby County has a nice aquatic center too. And one of the Y's in Louisville has a nice outdoor swim adventure park. I've visited Shelbyville a couple times and the kids have visited daycare (when I was a member). Summers are fun there. Lots to do. I know your pain. More kids than arms here too.
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Elizabeth on Friday, April 19, 2013 9:28 PM
We love the Y and the one at Oldham County, even though it is a distance away, looks like a lodge on the inside. AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! I mean, come on, who can say that when they show up to where ever they are gonna work out, or give the kids over to day care for a bit, just loves walking into the place because it is so beautiful. There has been many a time when I have just sat there and enjoyed the no kid time on a bench in the front area. We have been limited to where we can go due to the limited income, but the YMCA has such an amazing Spirit program that supports those with limited income and doesn't turn anyone away which is really cool. And members of the Y are so very generous with their donations. I am constantly astounded with their generosity to just simply help others. I am excited to soon explore Shelbyville more and find some of these cool places people from church are telling me about. We do make the trek out to the North East Y to use their outdoor pool, which is more like a water park than a pool. We LOVE it. It is a real drive for us, 45min, but usually worth it to get out there and set the crazies loose on all the fun stuff there. (the kids love sitting on the little wall by the "big kid" water slides waiting and clapping for daddy when he gets to do them. He only does it when the lines or short out of courtesy for me and not leaving me with 4 active crazies IN A POOL!! which can get really crazy at times. fun fun fun. Water is just so fun and such intense therapy that the kids don't even realize they are getting. BONUS for MOMMY!
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Anonymous on Tuesday, July 16, 2013 8:30 AM
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