Is it Anger vs. Anxiety or is it Anger = Anxiety
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Is it Anger vs. Anxiety or is it Anger = Anxiety

So after keeping Hunter home from Preschool for the last 2 weeks I have seen great improvement in his over all behavior.  His melt downs are down to one a day where they were at 8 to 10  mild ones lasting about 20 to 30 minuets and 2 to 3 crazy melt downs a day lasting about 2 hours. 
These melt downs where happening both at school and at home and have been going on for about 2 months.  I finally said enough is enough.  It had become clear to me thru prayer and observation that the poor kid needed a break.  He had lost all control of his life and needed a safe environment to be "himself" for awhile.  He had gotten lost in autism land and had no way of coming out of it.  When I made the decision to bring him home for now I gave it a time limit.  I gave it a week and said we as his parents would revisit school ideas then. 
It only took a day to see results.  His out burst where decreased and his vocal expression got better.  He had also just started a medication for anxiety.  The lowest dose and half of that.  You could almost instantly see a relief in him.  He had a lot of autistic stuff going on the first week but he was also free to allow it to happen and try and learn how to take control of how his body reacts to environmental stimulants. 
It was truly an amazing thing to see happen.  He went from violent outburst of uncontrollable anger and flailing.  Several times I had to just go get him at school   He kept telling me he hates school.  To helping me set up every morning for circle time in the living room.  He knows his schedual and loves it.  He is able to have a say in what we are learning about.  The schedual is very flexible but set up in 30 min increments.
He is really doing well.  I had a meeting with all of the people involved with Hunter and let them know that the plan for now is to keep Hunter home until the week after Spring Break and then start back at half days.  That cuts out the anxiety of nap time and the afternoon bus which are both huge triggers for him. 
Anyway, it all boils down to the anger vs anxiety or Anxiety = Anger.  And when you are in a constant state of fight or flight (as Hunter was) the anger and the violent behavior comes as a result of that fear.  I wouldn't want to live like that so I'm not gonna force my aspergers kid to go thru it.  At least not right now.

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Dalynn on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 12:56 PM
That's so good for Hunter. Glad he's able to take it back a notch and work on himself. I bet it took your anxiety level down at least a notch too.
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JustMommy on Thursday, April 18, 2013 9:13 PM
HOw's it going? Update? Adorable picture by the way.
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Elizabeth on Friday, April 19, 2013 9:46 PM
Hunter is doing FANTASTIC!! He is back at school right now and actually enjoying it. He goes to school on the bus again and then we pick him up around 12:30 after lunch and right before they have the kids do nap time. He even told his teach, "I have no problem coming to school now if you don't make me lay down." That made me laugh because he is just so blunt. After we pick him up he comes home to quiet time at home for an hour. He doesn't have to sleep, he never does, but his does have to have some "quiet time" because Airabella and I have to rest. (my health is really bad right now with my Medical Mystery body and I have to rest often) He is allowed to read or have the Ipad for educational games during this time. He can be where ever he wants for quiet time and seems to enjoy spending this time in his room on the ipad. After quiet time if the weather is nice we are outside having fun, as long as my body can handle it and it's not too hot for me. I really try not to limit the kids activity with my limitations with Lupus but sometimes it can't be helped. He has gotten really good at knowing his boundries and I can be inside with windows and doors open if I need to have more shade. He also really enjoys being on the computer on Kidzue, or at least I think that is how you spell it. It is so cool. It's an internet browser for kids, just google it, and is only kid friendly. They connect kids to kid friendly websites like, nick jr., Disney, and stuff for older kiddos too. I highly recommend it and hunter loves getting on there and learning his own way and about what ever his obsession on the week is in a totally "safe" way. All and all he is doing amazing and I don't know if I could ask for much more. We still have tons of tough times but now preschool isn't his main trigger and a cause of such intense anxiety. Oh yeah, the med he started was the lowest dose of Zoloft for those who are interested. He takes a half pill in morning and a second half as needed later in the day. It does give him lots of gas and some loose stool but not enough that it requires any changes in doseing or anything like that. He handles this side effect pretty well and often doesn't effect his way of living to the least. Go Hunter!! you ROCK!!

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