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I am sitting here at 8:45pm and Hunter is finishing a show he found, on his own, on Netflix, a show about Mars.  I have no idea what they are talking about but he gets it.  He is happy.  He has been awesome today.  No real violent outburst except for earily this morning.
I got the first call from preschool at 8:15am.  He got on the bus with Mason (Ammon was sick last night so he stayed home).  And then we got a call saying that the aide in his room had him at the front desk and he needs to be picked up.  He said that he was throwing up last night, which is a total lie.  It was Ammon who was sick.  But they made us come get him anyway.  Crazy!  Yes, but I get it. 
 From that point on we had a great day.  we made tornadoes for me to hang up in the preschool room.  We will watch a documentary on tornadoes tomorrow to start our day and play learning games about weather.  He was calm and even earned 4 smiley faces which allowed him to come up with a reward. 
He decided he wanted to go get a "Tornado Jar".  We had no idea what he was talking about so we decided to look it up on the IPad and found a cool video of how to make a tornado in a jar.  We did it right away and LOVED it! It took literally 60seconds to make and we had fun with it for the rest of the day. 
As a side note he got excited a few minuets ago about the mars rover coming on screen.  I asked if it was solar powered and he says, "Yea, don't you see the solar panals?" 
Then he just got upset because the 2 hour about the geology of mars and what the new discoveries were is over.  Now he is begging for more space shows.
I had an old pickle jar and filled it 3/4 the way full with water.  Then added 1 tsp of vinegar and 1 tsp of dish soap, and several shakes of glitter.  then you just spin it around.  FUN!!
Later I found Airabella taking apart Hunters Christmas present, a squishy anatomical person.  Then joined in teaching me and Bell along the way. Soooo cute.  I have to figure out how to post videos.  I have a great one of them doing this.
Even later Hunter joined in because I looked at him and said, "Hunter I have a mission for you.....Ariabella and Ammon dicected your squishy guy and couldn't put him back together.  Your mission  is to put him back together." 
He looked at me and said ok and then wondered off to do it.  It turned into at least another hour of fun for the three of them.  great time.

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