Last Nights Family Night Epic Fail
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Last Nights Family Night Epic Fail

So the plan was to clean til the boys came home from school.  Then to let the kids have a snack and watch something educational while we make homemade gluten free pizza.  Then while the pizza was cooking to have a dart-gun game time with the whole family, fun right?  At least you would think so.......
We were only able to clean for about an hour.  And when the boys came home from school they were crazy.  They started beating each other with the big bean bags that we have.  Hunter, apparently, had had a bad day at school.  According to his note from his teacher he was really struggling to leave other kids alone, listen to instructions, and following the rules.  (we could tell after just 5 minuets from him being home that he was still in autism land and had been there all day.)
So we turned on the imax movie on the ocean (Ammon was learning about the ocean at school.)  And no one would sit still to watch the movie for more than 60 seconds.  It was a really good movie, Brandon and I really wanted to be able to hear it.  So after about 20 minuets of frustrated refocusing the boys on the movie I gave up and tried to send everyone up to the playroom with Daddy and away from me so I could make the pizza in peace.  It took about 15 minuets to get them up stairs but eventually they got there.  A few minuets later Hunter came down and wanted to help.  (I knew it was gonna be a mess if he did help but I said ok)
He actually did great.  He helped me put in the mix and turn on the mixer and then he watched it mix.  Then he watched Garfield (the obsession on the month) while the dough rested for 30 min and then he helped make the sauce and took off again. 
In the mean time I could hear screaming from upstairs from many kids and some from the daddy and I literally turned around and picked up the "noise dampening headphones" and just put them on.  Eventually the pizza got done and everyone ate while watching Garfield with Daddy and mommy went out on the porch to just sit for a minuet and shut out the world.
Later that night all the kids fought for about an hour to not go to sleep.  Mason had been having nightmares and I ended up spending the night next to him in bed telling him "NO, you may not turn on Garfield in hear.  No, I will not get you the remote. Yes, you have to go to sleep even if you don't want to.  Yes, I am staying right here."
At one point when he did calm down we did have a real conversation about his bad dreams.  I told him that I had really bad dreams when I was his age and I used to go lay in front of my parents bedroom door to feel safe.  I almost killed my Dad a few times when he tripped over me in the morning.  But one day I realized that when I woke up from a bad dream I could change it.  For example if I was being chased by a big scary Bear when I woke up I could put a tutu on the bear and a red clown nose and maybe even put him on a unicycle.  Then that bear didn't scare me anymore.  If I had a bad dream about a tornado or a bad storm, I would pretend to throw glitter and feathers up into it so it was now sparkely and soft and then it wasn't scary anymore. 
It seemed to help because he fell asleep shortly after that.  I used to be scared of storms and things like that too when i was young.  Nightmares are awful and you feel like you have no control over them but this trick totally works for me.  I try to teach the kids that it's ok to be scared but it is best to talk about it with someone, they might have a way to help you that you haven't thought of.  Or maybe it's just god leading you to the right person to be able to help you at the right time.

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