Meet Mason.....The Boy Behind The Mask
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Meet Mason.....The Boy Behind The Mask

Meet Mason, he turned 6 last just last Sunday.  He was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder at 18 months old.  I knew there was something going on with him from the first day he was born.  He never slept, wouldn't eat properly, and never stopped moving.  fought with people and doctors for a full year until I finally called the state programs and had him evaluated myself. 
Last summer, right before he started kindergarten, I had him re-evaluated for anything else.  I always knew that there was something else going on besides the SPD.  He was always the kid getting in trouble of getting hurt or is all over the other kids and teachers.  He was found to have major ADHA, Pervasive Developmental Disorder or PDD with Autistic Traits.
But on the other side of him, he is excelling in math, music, and anything creative or artistic.  He is brilliant and we put him in a kindergarden/first grade class in public school because he was so bored with his work the year before.  He is so very artistic.  He comes home from school and spends the next hour or two doing crafts or creating.  He has an inventors mind and is always finding ways to repurpose everything. 
He does have anxiety issues also that does complicate his life.  He gets hyper-focused on just about anything.  Mason started medication just before the school year started and have had great success with it.  It was a way for mason to feel much more in control of himself and his mind.  It does cause anorexia and he is a tall kiddo so we are in the process of trying to get more food in him.
Mason is a fun, creative indivisual that makes our life interesting and we love him sooo much.  I am so glad that he is apart of our family.

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JustMommy on Thursday, April 18, 2013 9:15 PM
You're the first mom ive known that's described her child like this "from the moment he was born." Wait, other than me. Sounds like my kid.
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Elizabeth on Friday, April 19, 2013 10:02 PM
I love your comment. we need more moms out there realizing that no matter what is going on with their kid or kids God Doesn't Make Mistakes!!! These thing that he and kids like him are tagged with are not things that are wrong with them but challenges that God expects them to rise above and learn to take control of. I had to have that talk recently with mason many times and we will have it everyday if he thinks he needs to hear it. He thinks he is a "bad" kid and does everything "wrong". I let him know that I know god didn't make a mistake when he made Mason and that he is exactly what God intended him to be, every part of him. we are all given challenges in life and right now his challenge is to try and make some better choices. I know that that isn't easy for him, but it isn't easy for anyone. I let him know that I had and have challenges too. Right now my challenges are with my Health and I have to make good choices too about how I take care of my body by only putting good thing in it and trying every day to do as much as I can to stay or just get healthy. I also told him that as long as he is doing his best that that is all that we or God can ask and we will be proud of him wether he succeeds or fails. "Winning" being the best isn't the goal in our family, but DOING your BEST and TRYING as hard as you can is. You are the winner if you are giving it your all, what ever "it" is. I love that kid but who wouldn't when you see him trying so very hard.

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