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You are unique!!!

 I often have people tell me “I don’t know how you do it. I couldn’t do what you do.” That is just simply hilarious to me. because i have been perfectly prepared through out my life to be able to do what it is that i do, All that it is I have to do….Mothering my family, photography, writing, adventuring…… I through out my life have gone through some serious trials or challenges. Sickness at a young age, being poor, marrying an undiagnosed ADHD husband with an anxiety disorder. (we got through that one simply because we didn’t give up on each other.

The Birthday Party Choices

I am gonna be brutally honest here again and it will be a longer post so pass it by if you wish.

I woke up today with anxiety an fear in my heart. I have been debating all week on if we should go to a cousins birthday party at a super fun place. I know he much fun it would be and how much I want to go spend time with family and celebrate a birthday. Here is the problem.....

When you have children like ours with the issues we have I know that choosing to go to an outing (ANY outing) will cause so many problems in our lives that will effect the kids for at least 2 weeks.

New Year NEW YOU, How to acheave your Resolutions this year

Hi everyone,

We are hoping you had a fantastic holiday and new year. Have you made any New Years Resolutions? We have and they do sound like the same old same old but the way we are doing them is totally different. I wanted to make a little blog post on some ways that you and I can help assist ourselves in keeping our own New Years Resolutions. (Honestly i hate calling them that Resolutions because ultimately they are Goals so from now on i will be calling them Goals.)

#1 Wright them down:

It is vital that you actually take the time to write down your goals.

Merry Christmas From Hurricane Jeffries

We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas by sharing a video of our family  visiting a church Nativity display. it was like a fairy land for the kiddos. This was from 2 years ago but it is still beautiful and we wanted to share it with you all.

Merry Christmas dear friends.

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We are super excited to announce the second book in our Arizona Series is now avalible in on both and

You can purchase this book in both ibook, paper back and hard back versions. I hope you enjoy it.

All the proceeds will be going to fund therapy equipment for our special needs kids and other less fortunate kids that need equipment in our community.

Announcing our new publication

We are extremely excited to be able to announce our first issue of a publication we are really excited about. It is full of articles ab out our family, how survive a day trip, a whats on our plate section and even sensory time ideas and why they work. There is even a virtual field trip to New Port Aquarium. we are really proud of this publication and trully hope it is helpful to you and anyone you know who may benefit from these ideas.

For the next 2 weeks we will be giving an extended preview of the first 16 pages with an option to buy the entire online magazine.


Hello every one. I know it has been a long time since I have been able to be consistant with the blog. I apologize for that and I have really good news. I have been working the entire time documenting our lives and i have been working extra hard the last 3 months on some special secret projects. I am excited now to be able to tell the world that we are having some very exciting news very soon.

So the first of our announcements is this. We now have an updated and amazing youtube channel that holds and will be holding all our short films and video slide shows.

testing the site.

we have been having some major technical difficulties with our site for the past few months. i am going to try and post a video that is just fun to watch in my opinion.

An Autistic Moms Day

This is typical Ammon and typical autism. we went to a school wide "Family Fun Night" and there were at least a 100 people there. Ammon couldn't handle the noise and crowd so he just tuned the world out and went into his head. Luckily we had his white board with us and he was able to cope by using it to draw what was going on in his head. If we hadn't had it with us he would have been hysterical and we wouldn't have been able to stay. The whole world around him was going on and he was lost while surrounded by it.

The Horrors of a rural county Public School

The following is a post i put on facebook about a zoo field trip i went on with My 7 year old Hunter. He is Diagnosed with ADS, Anxiety disorder and SPD. This is just ONE situation. He has been treated badly the entire time he has attended this school. He has only been back at this school since January of this year after a year and a half of homeschooling. He had grown eminsley in that homeschool time and i along with his father, behavior therapist, OT and pediatric Psychiatrist all agreed that we should attempt school again.

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You are unique!!!
The Birthday Party Choices
New Year NEW YOU, How to acheave your Resolutions this year
Merry Christmas From Hurricane Jeffries

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