Hurricane Jeffries - Who Are We
I'm a Mormon.
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How We Grew......
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About Us....
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Our Summer 2012
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Me and the boys being silly
So who are we anyway?....  
We are just one crazy family with special needs kids who are learning to survive the day to day.  We are an open book.  Thru my own research and training I have learned to incorporate therapy and education into everything we do.  
My goal in sharing our life with the world is that maybe we can help other "special needs" family thru some difficult times by learning and growing with us. And show the world what it is really like to raise 4 children who  have "Hidden Special Needs".   We want no filters so that the trueness of it all will amaze you.  Lets just say...things get interesting. 
Mommy's birthday canoe tripSurviving the van rideWe are "Mormon" or members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We have a parenting philosophy that "we teach our children correct principals and at some point they must govern themselves".
 We take every opportunity to tie things back to our core beliefs in our faith and the principals of our religion.  We try and use "cause effect" consequences.  Such as you throw the cup you lose the cup!   You want dessert (which almost never happens) You have to eat "No Thank You Bites" of everything on your plate.
 Things are about to get interesting ....This is our adventure and welcome to it. 
Daddy and his ducklings
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