Hurricane Jeffries - Eating Healthier
301887 3307772579449 1995186642 nWhat's our philosophy on food??....That's a really good question.  I found out about 3 months ago that we should be eating only gluten free food.  I put my blinders on and tried to figure out how to do this when we were all total carb addicts? I started integrating new food ideas to the kids. 
528053 3509756268915 14252443 nFirst I started with exploration night.  We tried all kinds of fruits and veggies.  We even did cooked and uncooked veggies.  
IMG 3552Dinner is our nemesis!  Let me just start with that.  Hunter can never seem to sit still for more than 2 min straight.  Then he is under the table, on the table, leaving the room, and wandering the house.  He is also our picky eater.  So the new foods have been an interesting battle, to say the very least.  There many a night when we would get a bag of rolls from Costco, some strawberries, and a tray of cheese and have that be our go to dinner.  We had to get pretty creative.  We had to come up with ways to make food fun. 
IMG 3889Airabella was easy.  She is our most adventurist eater.  She will try anything and likes just about everything, so we decided to always let her eat first.  That way dinner is already a success and she doesn't have to wait around on everyone else to come to the table.
IMG 3551We also had a night where you built a face with the foods on the table.  We are still battleing mason's lack of appetite and Hunter's picky eating habits, but things have gotten a lot better. 
We do insist that all who are home come to the dinner table and we use a talking stick that allows each of us to tell what we did that day.  It is loud and crazy but we feel it is so important to spend this time listening to each other so we all feel important.  We also use this time to go thru backpacks and folders looking for notes and homework.
536155 3397073891926 328730986 n533910 3396807245260 1548590355 nAnyway, back to the food.  We are as gluten free as we can be at this time.  We send lunches with the kids and do healthy meals at night.  We also try to do no fast food if possible and no processed foods.  This is hard to do but I am getting the hang of it.  The kids are really loving the hands on food nights and love even more having a say in what their favorite food is on the table that night.

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