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Dear Senator Mitch McConnell,
I’m writing you to ask for your help in joining our Great Country’s Army.  Starting last July My family and I decided joining the Army would be the best thing for us as a family.  We love our country and I have always wanted to join the military. My grandfather and both my parents served in the army. I grew up as an army brat so I know what it means to be a military family.
My wife knows what it takes to run a military household.  She is the most organized self-sufficient person I have ever met.  Her grandfather was in the military as well as a couple of siblings so she does have experience with the military also.  In fact her younger brother just graduated Navy boot camp last Friday. 
In preparing to enlist, I studied for the ASVAB test, took the test in January and then worked hard at getting in shape.  I passed the Physical in February, and my family and I were patiently waiting on a dependency waiver, due to the fact that I have four kids.
Last Wednesday I was told the dependency waiver was disapproved.  My family and I are devasted.  I have always wanted to serve in the army and be a part of what my ancestors were a part of before.  I want so very much to be apart of the Army.  I have a great deal of civilian experience working radiology at the local hospitals and have a desire to serve in this capacity in the army.
I have I’m a very honest and dedicated person.  My wife jokingly says I am “Squeaky Clean”.  I have a clean history except for a speeding ticket. 
I served as a two-year missionary for the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints in Thailand.  I was apart of the scouting program. Also I don’t drink, smoke, gamble or do any drugs.  I follow orders to the best of my ability and would excel in the army benefiting my family, this country and myself.
I know I won’t let the army down if only given a chance to prove myself.  I ask you now for your assistance.  We are at a loss as to what to do next.  Please call and talk to the recruiters that I have been working with.  They are at the recruiter’s office at 502-491-5858 on Hurstbourne Lane. 
Also please look at the website my wife recently started to help parents learn how to have fun learning and teaching and raising their families at home.
My children and wife are so proud to say we are making this life change as we work to join the Army.  We kindly ask for your assistance with anything you could do to help us in this matter.Please help me to be a provider for my family while serving this country.   Sincerely,
Brandon TD Jeffries
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