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Articles and Interviews....

Upcoming Article Topics:

  • Benefits of Rock Climbing For Autism, SPD and ADHD (with a feature interview with an instructor with first hand experience of working with autism.)
  •  Earth Fare : "the healthy supermarket" (NO : artificial fats or artificial trans fats, high-fructose Corn Syrup, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, sweeteners, antibiotics, hormones or bleached flour)  Wow!
  • Library's Around Town : with an overview on up and coming summer reading programs and story times.
  • An interview with members of the board of the Sensory Processing Disorder Support Group of Louisville : What are the upcoming topics, and how does the group support local parents of children with SPD
  • Local YMCA's Around Town : what programs are available for kids with special needs, and more spaceficley "hidden special needs".  Also what programs are adaptable for children with special needs.  Are there any experts on staff?  How available are they?
  • What things do the educators that work with your kids need to know from us as parents to do their jobs better.  Should we be holding more meetings with teachers and therapist so we are all on the same page? (But who has more time?)  Should home work be waived for these kids and why?
  • What is Aqua Therapy and how is it Benifical?  Why is swimming such a good sport for kids with hidden special needs?
  • When to explain and when to hold back?  It is a fine line of when and who to tell about the special need and when to just let things play out.  A conversation of mom's from both sides of the argument.
  • Holalistic or Hocus Pocus?  How to stay healthy the natural way, the science behind it, and how to do it while barely thinking about it.

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